Time Magazine's Mark Halperin gives the President glowing reviews on NBC's Meet the Press.
Keith Olbermann makes a last-ditch attempt to rescue Martha (Marcia?) Coakley from herself. Sadly for MSNBC, Olbermann failed.
The Cajun Swede continues his epic pwnage of Roland Martin.
The Cajun Swede talks Massachusetts Senate race implications with CNN's angry liberal, Roland Martin.
These are a few of my favorite moments from Yunji DeNies' horribly pufftastic piece on Michelle Obama
...but fortunately, not "...as frightening to independent voters in Massachusetts as Democrats had hoped."
Erick Erickson of Redstate.com discusses Massachusetts Senate returns with John Roberts of CNN.
On Tuesday’s Good Morning America, former Democratic-operative-turned-journalist George Stephanopoulos appeared glum about the prospects of Democrats in Massachusetts’ special Senate election. He intoned, "And White House and congressional Democrats are hoping for a miracle but they're expecting, right now, the Democrat, Martha Coakley to lose."
Chris Tingles really has zero sense of history. There is no end to how much this pisses me off.
NBC's Tom Brokaw joined in the chorus of those depicting Rush Limbaugh as some sort of insensitive lout who doesn't want Americans to donate to the Haitian earthquake victims.