MRC's Marie Mazzanti attends a Pro-Single Payer rally at Senate Park across from the Capitol in Washington D.C. to interview protesters and even got an interview with the President of N.O.W. (National Organization for Women) President, Terry O'Neill.
On Wednesday's Hardball, MSNBC's Chris Matthews hosted a discussion with Washington Post columnist Kathleen Parker and Salon's Joan Walsh as the trio discussed Parker's latest column, "A Tip for the GOP: Look Away,"
"Today" show host Matt Lauer questions Michelle Malkin on her thoughts about Sen. Linsdey Graham (R-S.C.) and the Sotomayor confirmation vote.
MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell goes off topic of Health Care for a moment to profusely thanks Sen. Tom Harkin for pushing the ADA (American with Disabilities Act)
In a recent interview with President Obama, CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric wondered: "You're so confident, Mr. President, and so focused. Is your confidence ever shaken? Do you ever wake up and say, ‘Damn, this is hard. Damn, I'm not going to get the things done I want to get done and it’s just too politicized to really get accomplished the big things I want to accomplish’?"
ABC anchor Chris Cuomo played the liberal emotion card and asked California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger during an interview on Wednesday’s Good Morning America if Republicans were “playing politics” with President Obama’s health care “reform” proposal, and whether this was turning into a “little bit of a reckless situation” on the part of the GOP.
MRC President Brent Bozell appeared on FNC's "Fox and Friends" July 20 to discuss health care costs and the apparent demise of union card check. Bozell also announced the MRC's tongue-in-cheek federal bailout request, patterned after one made by the Minority Broadcasters of America.
On Thursday, MSNBC anchor Contessa Brewer reported on Meghan McCain calling Joe the Plumber a "dumb ass" for his views on homosexuality and remarked: "Is that name calling? Or, you know, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck and looks like a duck. Just asking, folks. I'm just asking."
On the July 13 edition of “Charlie Rose,” Totenberg told Charlie Rose that Supreme Court nominee Sonya Sotomayor has “a pretty conservative record.” Totenberg went on to tell Rose that Sotomayor’s record is “very much in the mainstream,” and that “you could say that she's more conservative than some members of the Supreme Court, including Justice Scalia, perhaps.”
Appearing on MSNBC shortly after 3:30 p.m. on July 9, Washington Post writer and founder of the paper’s On Faith blog, Sally Quinn, exclaimed of Sarah Palin: "Well, clearly, she has not put her family first...And these children have, it seems publicly, to have been exploited by her in a, I think, really unfortunate way."