A look at why we see so many of the types of news stories we see so often this time of year.

A (via radio) salute to our boys in Korea - brought to you by Chesterfield cigarettes - with no unpleasant aftertaste!

President Bush visits Baghdad, Iraq - December, 2008

National scene newcomers Sarah Palin (July 2007) and Barack Obama (July 2008) visit the troops in Kuwait.

Trailer for the upcoming series.

Trailer for the upcoming series.

John Edwards on "The Daily Show": "Are you going to ask me about Uganda?"

"We want to make sure that the entire world knows about your struggle." Sadly, this video visit to a land torn by war and sexually transmitted disease has since vanished from Edwards' web page - and most of the rest of the 'net.

John Edwards rides in on his Lear Jet to attack the evil Wal-Mart on moral grounds -- an epic campaign video captured by his mistress, Rielle Hunter.