CNN Meterologist scoffs at the idea that man can alter the climate; Expert suggests global cooling looming.
CBS’s “The Early Show” included a statement in its report Dec. 18 on the auto industry from “auto industry analyst,” Dan McGinn, who said letting the big three fail “would be like 10 Katrinas hitting America at the same time."
"The Biz Flog," for Dec. 17 takes a look at the Auto CEOs flying to Washington in private jets. Turns out the business aviation industry is upset they are being drug through the mud behind autos.
The CBS Early Show hosts Julie Chen, Harry Smith, Maggie Rodriguez and Dave Pierce display the GQ cover of a mostly naked Jennifer Aniston.
Carol Browner, was named by President-elect Barack Obama as the “czar” on climate and energy policy in the White House, an appointment CNBC’s Joe Kernan was wary of on “Squawk Box,” Dec. 11.
Vice President for the Business & Media Institute, Dan Gainor, spoke with Gretchen Carlson, host of “America’s News HQ,” about the decline of media and particularly newspapers.
“Talk about too big to fail,” said managing editor of Time Richard Stengel on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Dec. 4, who was on the program promoting the latest cover story for the magazine entitled, “The Case for Saving Detroit.”
It turns out the media predictions for Black Friday turned out to be wrong. "The Biz Flog" for Dec. 3 takes a look at how wrong.
On "The Early Show, Lansing, Mich., Mayor Verg Bernero said, "You know this is a sure description to go from recession to depression if you allow this auto industry, our manufacturing prowess, to fall by the wayside."
"The Biz Flog" for Nov. 26 asks takes on the phrase "too big to fail." First, it was Fannie and Freddie, then AIG, then the auto industry and now Citibank.