Fed Up With Taxes in Maine?

Fed Up With Taxes is a coalition of Maine citizens, businesses and organizations who are tired of paying high taxes. The coalition is seeking to undo a recently enacted law increasing the tax on beer and...

Blogs 4 Borders! Stealing The Vote

How many illegal aliens are registered to vote? We take a look. Plus four months ago, Mackenzie Maddox paid the ultimate price for open borders. Now her mom unloads on the lowlife that killed her.

Propaganda And Paranoia At The Times

  • DannyG
  • October. 10. 2008
Jan Tyler of Election Neutrality Now questions the validity of a New York Times claim that six swing states purged tens of thousands of voters illegally. Could it be a ploy to deflect attention from alleged...

Why Spend Money Campaigning In August?

  • mkokai
  • August. 6. 2008
John Locke Foundation ( President John Hood explains why political candidates are not waiting until Labor Day to spend money on advertising and other campaign activity.

Barack Obama Isn't A Christian

Barack Obama has marketed himself as a Christian. Only God can judge his heart, but his own words and actions are 100 percent inconsistent with the Christian faith.