Van Jones

Van Jones on Obamacare

 Van Jones appeared on the Bill Maher show Friday slamming Republicans for opposing Obamacare."The conservative arguement was lets have universal personal responsibility, lets make sure that if everyone...

CNN Brings on Van Jones to Talk OWS

  • MattH
  • November. 16. 2011
CNN's Suzanne Malveaux hosted former Obama green jobs czar Van Jones on Wednesday to discuss the future of Occupy Wall Street. CNN had earlier hosted an OWS protester and a liberal activist to talk about...

Van Jones. Tea Party is "Batty."

Van Jones doesn't think that most Americans are "batty and crazy" like the Tea Party.  He thinks most Americans are sane, communist, 9/11 truthers.  Like him.

Van Jones' 'Rebuild the Dream' Show in NYC

Sponsored by (thus you-know-who), Van Jones launched the progressive copycat of the Tea Party with "Rebuild the Dream", complete with audience participation chants and crowd favorites: tax the...