Starting Point

Soledad O'Brien Supports Bloomberg Soda Ban

  • MattH
  • March. 12. 2013
Count Soledad O'Brien as another CNN fan of Mayor Bloomberg's nanny state efforts to crack down on big sodas. "I've been a long supporter of it," she voiced on Tuesday's Starting Point.

Chopra Bails Out Democrat

Former Florida Governor Charlie Crist appeared on Starting Point to talk about his recent switch from Republican to Democrat. Margaret Hoover had Crist against the ropes on his opportunistic switch from...

CNN Cajoles GOP Senator to Hike Tax Rates

  • MattH
  • November. 29. 2012
Once again, CNN pressed a Republican to support income tax hikes. On Thursday, Starting Point co-hosts Brooke Baldwin and John Berman tried to paint GOP opposition to tax increases as at odds with the...