Religious Bias

"GCB's" Worst Moments

ABC's new show “GCB” has absolutely no shame in mocking prayer and all things sacred to Christianity. This show is a testament to the left’s continued war on faith, and they would like viewers to...

Barack Obama Isn't A Christian

Barack Obama has marketed himself as a Christian. Only God can judge his heart, but his own words and actions are 100 percent inconsistent with the Christian faith.

Eleanor Clift's Take On Obama And Wright

  • Jpoor
  • March. 18. 2008
Speaking at the National Press Club, Newsweek columnist Eleanor Clift addresses the controversy surrounding Barack Obama because of the words of his former minister, Jeremiah Wright.

Yes To Sex Shows, No To Crosses

  • DannyG
  • February. 15. 2008
As reported by WAVY-TV in Virginia, College of William & Mary President Gene Nichol resigned this week. He had been under fire for politically correct decisions to allow a sex show on campus but remove...