Pro-life Prayer

Bryan Kemper at Life Prizes 2009

Life Prizes gave away $600,000 to 6 Pro-Life people who were selected from 100 nominations. Bryan Kemper was there & talked about the event and what he has been doing for the unborn around the world.

Julie Saves Two Or Three Lives A Day

While Planned Parenthood and other abortion chains are killing thousands of innocent human beings a day, Julie manages to save two or three every day from their death mills.

Why go to an abortion mill?

A lot of these girls, they don't want to have abortions, but they're just in complete dispair. They don't have anyone to encourage them, to support them. So, we're there for them if they need it, which,...

Why You Need To Be On

We interviewed Danny Glover, the executive producer of, and talked to him about the strengths of this online video service and why conservatives should broadcast videos there.

What Is 40 Days For Life And Its Impact?

  • LmTVGuy
  • March. 20. 2008
What is 40 Days For Life? What impact is it having in U.S. communities? David Bereit, the national campaign director, for the movement, shared his thoughts. (Show #220, Life Matters TV. Host: Brendan H....