WATCH: Dinosaur Parking Garage Prank

What do you do when you have access to the most realistic dinosaur costume in the world? You prank your coworkers, of course. Hamish and Andy are an Australian comedy duo. They host a well-known drive-time...

Epic April Fools Math Prank

YouTube creator Matthew Weathers’ post claims, “I played a trick on my math class for April Fool's Day. In this one, I'm showing a ‘homework help’ video that gets some...

Chica The DogSpider!

Imagine a giant mutant spider coming right for you. That's what prankster Slywester Wardega makes you think when he dresses up his dog. Via YouTube.

Russian Hitman Joke Sends Pranksters to Jail

  • kyoder
  • July. 18. 2012
Language Warning -- Two YouTube pranksters, Vitaly Zdorovetskiy and Johnathan Vanegas, perform a hitman joke that goes wrong - landing them a visit to jail.The prank is caught on tape here.(h/t YouTube)