Personal Responsibility

CBS highlights indoctrinated eco-friendly kids

  • Colleen
  • January. 28. 2009
CBS Evening News spends over 2 minutes highlighting the future "custodians of our planet" in a segment that shows kids' commitments to living "green" lives. It includes a girl who wore a "recycling bin"...

The Naked Truth About CBS and Teen Sex

  • Colleen
  • January. 16. 2009
CBS shows its hypocrisy on The Early Show when cohost Harry Smith condemns teens sending naked photos via tex, yet touts a mostly naked Jennifer Aniston photo, dismissing the soft-core pornography because...

Facebook controversy over breastfeeding photos

  • Colleen
  • January. 2. 2009
Early Show host Maggie Rodriguez discusses Facebook controversy over breastfeeding photos violating the site's terms of use. Two authors discuss the controversy, but no one mentions personal responsibility...

Campaign 2008: Tito The Builder vs. Peggy Joseph

  • DannyG
  • October. 31. 2008
Campaign 2008 comes down to two world views voiced recently by average voters. Tito (The Builder) Munoz doesn't want a government handout; Peggy Joseph backs Barack Obama because she expects a big return...

Young Conservatives At The GOP Convention (Part 4)

  • DannyG
  • September. 8. 2008
A Republican convention video report from Whitney Stewart: Aaron LaRoche, the state chairman of Vermont College Republicans, said conservatism means limited government, lower taxes and personal responsibility.

NBC Attacks Online Dealmakers

"Today" show correspondent Natalie Morales attacked online dealmakers and defended consumers who didn't read the "fine print" and later regretted signing up for special offers. Aug. 26, 2008.