Online Video

The YouTube Guide To Cheating

  • DannyG
  • November. 21. 2008
Kids who want to learn how to cheat rather than learn something useful won't get any help here. But they can always go to YouTube, where standards are lower. (Full CBS video report)

Why You Need To Be On

We interviewed Danny Glover, the executive producer of, and talked to him about the strengths of this online video service and why conservatives should broadcast videos there.

YouTube: The Home Of Toddler Brawls

  • DannyG
  • November. 18. 2008
"Good Morning America" drew attention to another twisted phenomenon fostered by YouTube: parents who encourage their children to fight and then post the footage online for the public to watch.

'Video Your Vote' Is Not Neutral

  • DannyG
  • October. 21. 2008
Jan Tyler of Election Neutrality Now said the "Video Your Vote" project of PBS and YouTube is not neutral because PBS' statement emphasized potential complaints about voter-identification laws but not...

Macaca Mania

  • DannyG
  • September. 23. 2008
This video mash-up served as my introduction to the "Macaca Mania" panel I organized at the 2008 Blog World and New Media Expo over the weekend. The panelists were Jane Hamsher, Jon Henke, Matthew Sheffield...

Note To Conservatives: Eyeblast Is Your Friend

  • DannyG
  • July. 18. 2008
Wake up, conservatives! If you want to send a video message online, and you should, you need to use this Web site. is your friend. YouTube will bury your content in its cesspool of liberalism.