Conservative Occupy?

MRCTV's Katie Yoder and Scott Robbins intended to cover the Bank of America Protest organized by Occupy DC. After noticing a lackluster turnout for the noon rally, we found some Occupiers hanging out near...

Occupy vs. Tea Party - Web Reality Show

G-4 Productions introduces "Occupy vs. Tea Party," a reality show concept which places members of the Occupy Movement and the Tea Party movement into one house with the goal of providing America with the...

Scenes from NYC May Day Occupy Rally

  • kyoder
  • May. 3. 2012
MRCTV's Dan Joseph and Katie Yoder hit the streets of New York City for Occupy's May Day. From asking Occupiers about their signs to learning how to plant flower bulbs, we had an adventurous day... (soundtrack...

The AIPAC-Netanyahu-Obama White House Protest

  • kyoder
  • March. 6. 2012
Occupy D.C. crowded in front of the White House yesterday to protest the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC), which promotes Israel's defense through U.S. relations. Israeli Prime Minister...