Music Videos

Days Devon: Mozart Elvira Madigan Music Video

This is a trailer music video for "Days Devon." You need to watch all the way through to get the flavor of the film and the tragedy that came upon ancient Britain. The full movie will be ready in December.

2002: Johnny Ramone Gives Shout Out To GWB And USA

  • kpicket
  • October. 28. 2008
In 2002, punk rock guitarist legend Johnny Ramone rebelled against the liberal entertainment industry and stood up for President Bush and America, as The Ramones were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall...

The Free And The Brave

The MilBlogs "theme song" -- something I wrote in Iraq in 2007 as part of "the surge." Thanks to Mike Yon for the use of two of his iconic photos from Iraq.

'Remember The Americans'

Matt Fitzgibons sings "Remember The Americans," which is on the album "Patriot 2: A Celebration of Liberty." (