Law & Order

The tide is turning in America on issues of crime and policing and Hollywood has gotten the memo. NBC's "Law & Order" premiered another episode…
NBC's "Law & Order" veered from its usual woke direction last night with an episode in which a leftist is terrified of the cancel culture mob…
Even though the pro-life movement sets its goal to save lives, the left will stop at nothing to paint pro-lifers as villains.  In Thursday night's "…
NBC's liberal television series uses an episode to support gay marriage.
The February 6 “Law & Order: SVU” used an unusual plot twist to launch another broadside against American business.
Content warning for ethnic slur. Everyone is entitled to a good defense. Even if the defense attorney is a bigot.
Danny McCoy lives the American dream: watching his boss sail over two miles of the Vegas strip and careen through the window of a shoe store.