Joe Biden

NewsBusted 7/17/09

  • mathew
  • July. 21. 2009
Topics in today’s show: -- The national deficit -- TOTUS falls -- Biden says something crazy… again -- Walter Cronkite dies Starring: Jodi Miller Director: Bruce Roundtower Executive Producer: Matthew...

NewsBusted 7/7/09

  • mathew
  • July. 6. 2009
Topics in today's show: --Sarah Palin resigns as Alaska's governor --U.S. launches "surge" in Afghanistan --Conspiracy theory allege Michael Jackson was killed by his own doctor --Veep Joe Biden doesn't...

'Sen. Biden Is Now My Homeboy'

  • DannyG
  • October. 27. 2008
Here's a contrast for you: Joe Biden being grilled by a professional news anchor vs. Biden being tossed a softball by a charming fifth-grader who says the senator "is now my homeboy." Guess which kind...

Joe Biden Not 'Patriotic' Enough To Pay More Taxes

  • AFP_TV
  • September. 19. 2008
Democratic vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden thinks you're unpatriotic if you don't want more of your hard-earned money going to Washington in the form of higher taxes. So why doesn't he pay more?

Biden vs. 'Bucket of Fluff' Palin

Democratic vice-presidential nominee Joe Biden told a crowd that Republicans aren't used to dealing with someone as smart as Barack Obama. The woman introducing Biden called GOP rival Sarah Palin a "bucket...

Biden's Pick For Vice President: Hillary

  • kpicket
  • September. 10. 2008
Democratic vice-presidential candidate Joe Biden told a crowd of supporters that Hillary Clinton might have been a better choice for Obama's running mate than him.

The Biz Flog - Biden on the Money

The Biz Flog for Aug. 27, 2008 looks at Sen. Joe Biden (D-Del.) and his statements on regulation, health care, climate change and campaign finance reform.

NewsBusted: The Smell Of Tax Hikes

  • mathew
  • August. 26. 2008
Topics in today's show: the smell of taxes at the Democratic convention; Joe Biden for vice president; a white-powder envelope at John McCain's Colorado office; and Julia Child's career working for the...