Great Depression

Schultz Sees Soup Lines

On his MSNBC show, Ed Schultz sees soup lines around the corner if those evil Republicans reclaim power. His solution to stave off disaster? The extension of unemployment benefits. . . . "endlessly."

Katie Couric's Lousy 'Great Depression' Memory

Interviewing John McCain, Katie Couric told him Sarah Palin warned of a "Great Depression" if a financial bailout isn't passed. Couric scolded Palin. Chutzpah: It was Couric who raised the ominous phrase.

Race, Politics And Achieving The American Dream

  • Jpoor
  • September. 22. 2008
Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama wonders if voters will trust him to be an economic leader and said current woes are "as profound as any we have faced since the Great Depression."