Global Cooling

ABC Reports Global Warming Poll

And ABC reports on the network's own global warming poll ignored some numbers that suggest Americans aren't buying into the hype. Aug. 9, 2008.

Barbara Boxer's Global-Warming Musings

California Democrat Barbara Boxer, chairwoman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, said a recession is the time to pass a "cap and trade" bill to combat global warming.

ABC's Global-Warming Message

ABC's "Evening News" went after the White House for altering scientific facts when putting together global warming legislation.

Conservative Disgust At McCain's Green Plan

  • Jpoor
  • May. 14. 2008
On MSNBC's "Hardball" on May 13, right-wing host Heidi Harris said that as a conservative, she is "disgusted" with Republican presidential candidate John McCain for his focus on climate change.