5 Memorable Robin Williams Film Characters

5 Memorable Robin Williams Film Characters. Genie -Aladdin, Adrian Cronauer -Good Morning Vietnam, Mrs. Doubtfire - Mrs. Doubtfire, Sean Maguire -Good Will Hunting, John Keating – Dead Poets Society

Academia, Media, Call for Arrest of Filmmaker

UPenn Religious Studies Professor Anthea Butler has publicly called for the arrest of the maker of the film that has been falsely branded as responsible for the recent rioting in the Middle East. Butler...


This recent Teaser for the independent full lenght feature film called FORGOTTEN HEROES can be purchase at The producers are donating 25% of all sales to the American...

Days Devon Mini Tour

A new genre of travel film. Presented in 10 "Chapters", this is a short tour through the entire film

What Michael Moore Thinks Of 'An American Carol'

  • kpicket
  • September. 23. 2008
Actor Kevin Farley and Executive Producer Myrna Sokoloff joined bloggers at the Conservative Leadership Conference in Las Vegas to talk about their new film, "An American Carol," which opens Oct. 3.

HYPE: The Obama Effect - Trailer

Citizens United Productions examines the phenomenon that is Barack Obama. HYPE: The Obama Effect examines the Junior Senator from Illinois and his record. Is he the new Kennedy or recycled Jimmy Carter?

Brokeback Abduction

  • Harryt
  • May. 15. 2008
Kentucky Farmer Harry Taint tells of his abduction by an alien. This original web film includes wacky flashbacks of that fatefull day. Most will enjoy this goofy film.