Erin Burnett OutFront

See the full article on NewsBusters. It’s old news that the media has tried to use the January 6 hearings to tar the entire Republican Party as…
July 13, 2022
***To read the full blog, please check out the complete post on NewsBusters*** Over the last few months, the liberal media have looked the other way…
September 16, 2020
Monday's edition of Erin Burnett OutFront concluded with the eponymous host interviewing longtime CNN journalist Bernard Shaw; who was brought on to…
June 02, 2020
For more, see the cross post at the MRC's NewsBusters blog
October 04, 2018
For more, see cross post at the MRC's NewsBusters blog
July 25, 2018
Read more on Newsbusters here. CNN, the alleged “facts first” network, made an absurd and egregious comparison last night on Twitter, demonizing…
March 15, 2018
See more in cross post at NewsBusters.
February 23, 2016