Golden Boy/Dating A Reporter

CBS sullies an excellent show by making the virtuous main character sleep with another man's wife, and shrug off the fact they're not divorced yet.

The Fruit of a Nation That Forgets God!

This is a short clip from Bradlee Dean's documentary, "My War." You will see the fruit of removing God from the eductaion system, the government instutuion, and from society as a whole.  For more...

Divorce is Good for Kids

According to CBS The Early Show, divorces aids fathers in their relationship with their children and is a "win, win, win" situation for all those involved.

CBS Early Show: Matrimony is Merely Material

  • Colleen
  • February. 10. 2009
The February 10th 2009 broadcast of CBS Early Show spent close to 7 minutes detailing how frustrated men are with losing assets in marriage. It was strictly a monetary view of marriage, with host Julie...

Ann Coulter appears on ABC's "The View"

  • Colleen
  • January. 12. 2009
Conservative author Ann Coulter appears on ABC's "The View." The hosts discuss her more controversial statements about single motherhood, victimhood, and racial identity.

Troubled Economy, Fewer Divorces

  • Jpoor
  • July. 11. 2008
NBC's "Today Show" cited relationship and financial experts to show that the troubled economy and declining divorce rate are correlated.