Bryant Gumbel

Gumbel's Attack on Gun Rights

Crossposted on NewsBusters. Gumbel's teaser, intro and conclusion to correspondent David Scott's anti-gun piece aired on the May 24, 2016 edition of HBO's Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel.

Ronald Reagan = Earth Day Buzzkill

“The missteps, poor efforts and setbacks brought on by the Reagan years have made this a more sober Earth Day. The task seems larger now.”— Today co-host Bryant Gumbel, April 20, 1990.

Blaming Bill’s Victim

"We've got an awful lot to talk about this week, including the sexual harassment suit against the President. Of course, in that one, it’s a little tough to figure out who’s really being harassed."--...

On MSNBC: Bryant Gumbel Bashes Ronald Reagan

"Lou, I know you feel as if Reagan had few, if any, character flaws. But let me ask you this. When one sidesteps, or refuses to acknowledge the consequences of their policies or actions, why shouldn't...