ABC's Global-Warming Message

ABC's "Evening News" went after the White House for altering scientific facts when putting together global warming legislation.

Saving The Planet

  • DannyR
  • May. 10. 2008
A tongue-in-cheek look at how we are saving the planet by making corn a fuel.

The Biz Flog: The Ethanol Story

  • Jpoor
  • April. 16. 2008
  • 1k view
This week's episode focuses on recent food price hikes in the wake of government mandates on ethanol production. (Episode 114)

Biofuels In 2006, Food Riots 2008

  • Jpoor
  • April. 11. 2008
Author Thomas Friedman endorsed biofuels in 2006 on ABC's "Good Morning America," but the effect is being felt in commodities prices across the world in 2008. Food riots, as ABC News reported, have broken...

Biofeuls Boost Food Prices

  • Jpoor
  • April. 11. 2008
ABC's "World News" reported April 10 that the production of biofuels is contributing to a surge in food prices.