Craig Bannister | July 11, 2024
Inflation was at least three percent for the 39th straight month in June, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported Wednesday. In June, the…
MRC Latino | June 12, 2024
BRIAN CHEUNG: The costs of owning and maintaining a home have soared, up 26% since 2020 according to one analysis. And home insurance is a major…
Tom Olohan | May 24, 2024
Mark Levin responds to rising prices at fast food chains across the country. 
Tom Olohan | May 21, 2024
Former Home Depot CEO Bob Nardelli referred to Biden's policies on energy and the economy as a "wrecking ball" for Biden's successor. 
MRC Latino | May 21, 2024
NIKKI BATISTE: In its bankruptcy filing, Red Lobster blamed failed or ill-advised strategic initiatives and increased competition within the…
Craig Bannister | May 17, 2024
Nearly half of the nation’s small business owners say their businesses won’t survive, if they are subjected to another four years of Joe Biden in the…
Tom Olohan | May 17, 2024
Neil Cavuto pressed White House Economic Adviser Jared Bernstein on President Joe Biden's ludicrous statements on inflation. 
Tom Olohan | May 14, 2024
During an interview with Yahoo! Finance, President Joe Biden falsely claimed that inflation was at 9% when he was inaugurated. 
Tom Olohan | May 13, 2024
Michael Knowles reacted to President Joe Biden's May 8 interview with CNN. 
Nick Kangadis | May 8, 2024
Those of us in the middle class and under know how difficult it is nowadays to simply get by. You have no opportunities any longer to save a few…
Tom Olohan | May 7, 2024
Billionaire investor Stanley Druckenmiller harshly criticized Bidenomics on CNBC. 
MRC Latino | April 29, 2024
  LESTER HOLT: It's an age-old question, and so many people are asking it in this tight housing market. Should you rent or buy a home? CNBC's Diana…