Italian Man Catches Enormous Catfish

This is a catfish: This enormous beast was caught by Italian fisherman Dino Ferrari in Italy's Po River and it weighs 280 pounds and measures 8.8 feet.   Shockingly, this is not the largest fish...

Break Dancing Gorilla at the Calgary Zoo

The video shows Zola having pure fun with an enrichment opportunity during Spotlight on Gorillas and is not a trained behavior; the music was added afterward.Zola, nine-years old, is one of eight Western...

'Access Hollywood' Promotes Lefty Cause

  • Colleen
  • January. 5. 2009
January 2nd, 2008: 'Access Hollywood' dedicates one minute, 17 seconds to promote actress Hayden Panettiere's "Save the Whales" cause. The segment features no dissenting opinion.