2012 presidential election

Who Is the Media Rooting For?

  • kyoder
  • November. 6. 2012
As the presidential election is in swing, MRCTV's Dan Joseph asks citizens on the National Mall whether or not the media is favoring certain candidates this election cycle. What's your guess? Camera/Editing...

Occupy Votes... Maybe

  • MRCTVone
  • November. 6. 2012
On the eve of the 2012 election, MRCTV's Dan Joseph talked to members of "Occupy The Vote" to find out who they were voting for in the presidential race.Connect with Dan on Twitter

Obama Votes Early, Asked for ID

  • kyoder
  • October. 26. 2012
President Obama votes early in Chicago for the 2012 presidential election. Amidst his shaking hands and cracking jokes, a woman asks for his ID in order to vote. Voter ID laws, requiring citizens...

Obama Rally Turns Ugly with Romney Supporters

  • kyoder
  • October. 24. 2012
An Obama rally in Delray Beach, Florida takes a turn for the worse when a couple of Romney supporters decide to attend.The United West Director Tom Trento explains the situation and then shows his...

Obama Supporter: Mitt Romney Is a Communist

  • kyoder
  • October. 19. 2012
MRCTV catches up with Obama's biggest fan -- a fan with some choice words for Mitt Romney.We ran into "Cinnamon" at an Obama rally held at George Mason University in Virginia. Follow Dan Joseph and...

Poll-Panicky Mika Pushes 'Binder-Gate'

Over the wishes of her producer, Mika Brzezinski opens Morning Joe with a discussion of "binder-gate."  Mark Halperin says he'd rather not discuss the matter, preferring to focus instead on the big...