2012 election

Nick Kangadis | July 30, 2020
Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain died on Thursday at the age of 74, according to an article on his website. “Herman Cain – our…
papagiorgio200 | November 11, 2012
Rep. Tom Price, M.D., Republican from Georgia, give a great answer to Chris Wallace about what the electorate voted for and why conservatives reject…
Ian Hanchett | November 9, 2012
Video from Campus Reform shows Obama supporters celebrating the 2012 election as a victory for Karl Marx and wishing for more socialism. 
Ian Hanchett | November 8, 2012
CNN Religion Editor Dan Gilgoff continued the media's attempt to tie all social conservatives to the remarks of Todd Akin and Richard Murdouck. 
Ian Hanchett | November 7, 2012
NBC anchors Tom Brokaw and Brian Williams gushed over President Obama's victory as a historic triumph of his "campaign of inclusion" over Romney's "…
Ian Hanchett | November 6, 2012
Obama supporter Paul Begala stated that he was very concerned about the drop in enthusiasm among youth voters for President Obama. He deserves credit…
Ian Hanchett | November 6, 2012
Jonah Goldberg sharply criticized the media for its slanted coverage of the 2012 election by likening them to werewolves. 
Ian Hanchett | November 6, 2012
Obama Senior Political Advisor David Axelrod stated that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan were visiting Ohio because they thought they were in trouble.…
Ian Hanchett | November 6, 2012
Democratic strategist Bob Shrum argued that long lines were a form of voter suppression and should be made illegal. 
Ian Hanchett | November 6, 2012
Dan Rather stated that he had a gut feeling Mitt Romney would win the election, and criticized media coverage that has declared the election is Obama…
Ian Hanchett | November 6, 2012
Fox News Senior Political Analyst pointed out that many of the polls hyped by the media over-sample Democrats. 
Ian Hanchett | November 6, 2012
MSNBC host Chris Matthews went into full Obama love mode on last night's edition of Hardball. Matthews re-stated his "dog whistle" racism theory, and…