‘Your Reporting Is Not Accurate!’ Schlapp Battles MSNBC’s Snow Over Validity of FNC’s FBI story


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<p>On the heels of his contentious CNN segment on Monday doing what CNN&rsquo;s journalists wouldn&rsquo;t in bringing up Donna Brazile&rsquo;s firing, American Conservative Union (ACU) president Matt Schlapp brought the heat on Thursday afternoon to MSNBC as he demolished the assertions put forth by host Kate Snow brushed aside a Fox News Channel (FNC) report about the FBI investigating the Clinton Foundation.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Schlapp first felt compelled to step in when Snow hypocritically blasted the FNC story with NBC sources: <strong>&ldquo;[L]aw enforcement officials tell us at NBC News that the FBI did take an initial look at the Clinton Foundation but that, based on allegations that were out there in the press, but there have no developments in that investigation over the past few months.&rdquo;</strong></p>

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