Wolf Blitzer: 'Cover of Religious Freedom' Being Used To Discriminate


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<p>CNN&#39;s Wolf Blitzer utilized a regular liberal media double standard on the 1 April 2015 edition of <i>AC360</i>: giving a liberal guest the kid glove treatment, while tossing tougher questions at a conservative &ndash; in this case, Mollie Hemingway of the website, The Federalist. When Hemingway underlined how Religious Freedom Restoration Acts have protected Sikhs and Native Americans, Blitzer countered, &quot;But Mollie, you&#39;re pointing to cases of protecting religious minorities from intrusion by...the federal government...The concerns about Indiana and Arkansas pertain to individuals being discriminated against by other individuals under cover of religious freedom &ndash; right?&quot;</p>

<p>By contrast, the anchor merely sought reactions to Hemingway&#39;s answers from openly homosexual New York University academic Kenji Yoshino: &quot;What you think about what Mollie is saying &ndash; that it&#39;s basically not a big deal &ndash; what these laws are now stipulating?&quot;</p>

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