This Is ‘War!’; Reid, Pals Swoon Over Biden’s ‘Legal’ Mandates, Smearing of 80 Million People


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The pom-poms and riot gear were out in full force Thursday night on MSNBC’s The ReidOut as, thanks to Joy Reid and a murderer’s row of shameless liberal hacks, the show trumpeted President Biden’s angry, seething address as proof that he’s going to “war” against 80 million unvaccinated Americans, making clearly that he’s “coming for” them and governors like Ron DeSantis (R-FL) for “want[ing] Covid everywhere” even if means “slap[ping] you with a stick.”

The panel emphasized that Biden’s actions were legal because of the pandemic and “the immense reserves of federal power that have existed under for this entire 250-year experiment” since “[t]he government can require people to be healthy.” Of course, they believed Texas’s pro-life law does the opposite. Oh, and Reid is still mortified of going to an indoor restaurants. Talk about a sad human being.

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