UNREAL: Joy Reid Compares Biden to Grant, Washington for Mandating Vaccines


Check out the link to the full post here from NewsBusters!

Thursday night’s ReidOut was plenty crazy with dangerous and venomous rhetoric, but the MSNBC show went up a notch when host Joy Reid fawned over President Biden as not only akin to George Washington for his widespread coronavirus vaccine mandates, but she also said he showed leadership on par with Ulysses S. Grant in fighting the 80 million unvaccinated (which would presumably mean they’re akin to Confederate soldiers).

And after welcoming back faux Republican-turned-progressive Steve Schmidt, the Lincoln Project co-founder ironically said it’s the GOP who are responsible for the “death of America’s children” from Covid and that the unvaccinated need to be removed from society unless they accept mandates are “as American as apple pie.”

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