Trump Called it: Nets Ignore ‘Major Victory’ With USMCA Trade Deal


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President Trump was correct in spirit when he predicted, at the Oval Office on Thursday, that “the USMCA will probably be second” as the liberal media would be hyper-focused on his Impeachment trial in the Senate. It was a prediction a little too favorable to the media seeing as ABC, CBS, and NBC completely ignored the Senate’s overwhelming and bipartisan approval of the United States –Mexico-Canada Agreement on trade during their evening newscasts.

While the networks refused to cover the USMCA they dedicated a large chunk of time to impeachment: 19 minutes and three seconds of combined airtime. NBC Nightly News had the most at almost seven minutes (6:58). ABC’s World News Tonight came in seconds with six minutes, 36 seconds. And CBS Evening News brought up the rear at five minutes, 29 seconds.

The networks might not of had interest in covering the massive trade deal that passed 89-10 and would replace the old North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), Fox News Channel’s Special Report was able to find some time for it.

“In the middle of all of this, the Senate today approved the new USMCA trade deal. It was a major victory of the President, making good on his promise from the 2016 campaign,” reported chief White House correspondent John Roberts.


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