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Telemundo Headlines Historic Low Unemployment, Adds a Skeptical Note



JOSÉ DÍAZ-BALART, ANCHOR, TELEMUNDO: Among Latinos, unemployment also fell to 4. 2%, five tenths of a percent below last month’s. Francisco Cuevas tells us which sectors have the most jobs.

FRANCISCO CUEVAS, CORRESPONDENT, TELEMUNDO: After difficult times José Álvarez is bursting with happiness. Today like many of his colleagues in this construction, he is working more than ever.

JOSÉ ÁLVAREZ, WORKER: Well, thank God he is doing something well because one is getting ahead, able to maintain the family really happy.

CUEVAS: Experts say this low level of unemployment has not been seen since the year man landed on the Moon, 1969.

CLAUDIO LOSER, ECONOMIST: The interest rate has fallen and all of that has led to more consumption at this time.

CUEVAS: Among the sectors that generated the most jobs in April are services such as hotels and restaurants, along with construction and jobs related to the field of health such as child care and the elderly. And most important: more money is going into the pockets of workers; the average salary grew by 3.2%.

ISRAEL GARCÍA, WORKER: We have had work every day, we work 40 hours and well, we’re good working.

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