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Surprise! NBC Uses Death of President Bush to Attack President Trump


During Saturday's edition of NBC's Today, Peter Alexander reported on President Trump's response to the death of Former President George H.W. Bush from Argentina.  Alexander began: "despite the deep resentments between these two families, including the former President, lifelong Republican George H.W. Bush's refusal to endorse Donald Trump during the 2016 campaign after repeated attacks on the former President's son, Jeb Bush, today a very gracious statement from President Trump." Alexander also made sure to contrast President Trump's praise for President Bush's "thousand points of light" initiative with his "attack" on the slogan earlier this year at a rally in Montana: "President Trump was not always so gracious about Bush's hope for a kinder, gentler nation. It was just five months ago that...he attacked George H.W. Bush and those words, saying 'what the hell is that?,' criticizing that slogan versus his own slogan 'Make America Great Again.'"  Alexander did not hesitate to point out President Bush's criticism of President Trump, noting that the 41st President once described him as a "blowhard," in addition to pointing out that President Trump did not attend the funeral of Former First Lady Barbara Bush, who died earlier this year.

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