Seth Meyers Trashes ‘Lizard’ Ted Cruz, ‘Fear Mongering’ McCrory over Bathroom Laws


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<p>Again showing that he&rsquo;s incapable of being simply humorous without going on liberal rants, NBC&rsquo;s <em>Late Night </em>host Seth Meyers lashed out overnight Thursday into Friday by touting Ted Cruz as a<strong> &ldquo;lizard dresse[d] up in a suit&rdquo; </strong>and North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory as<strong> &ldquo;fear mongering&rdquo;</strong> for signing into law <strong>&ldquo;hateful and discriminatory&rdquo; </strong>transgender bathroom bills.</p>

<p>Meyers devoted over seven minutes to airing his grievances and even attempted to try and define what being transgender means as <strong>&ldquo;a person&#39;s inner-most concept of self.&rdquo;</strong></p>

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