Samantha Bee’s TBS Show Debuts with Vile Slam of ‘Fish-Faced, Horses*** Salesman’ Cruz


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<p>The premier of former<em> Daily Show</em> correspondent Samantha Bee&rsquo;s TBS program<em> Full Frontal</em> arrived on Monday night and for liberals seeking more anti-conservative rants disguised as humor, Bee provided just that as she berated Iowa caucus winner Ted Cruz as a<strong> &ldquo;fish-faced, horeshit salesman&rdquo;</strong> while playing with a noose.</p>

<p>Welcoming viewers on the show, Bee first lamented how frustrating it was to be off the air and not commenting on the presidential elections for months in what she deemed<strong> &ldquo;the most deranged electoral shitshow in a generation.&rdquo;</strong></p>

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