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Media Meltdown: VA Dem Debacle Could Lead to ‘Conservative Republican’ Governor


[See NewsBusters for more.] As Virginia Democrats are imploding, the journalists on NBC, MSNBC, ABC and CBS have found the real disaster: It might result in a Republican governor. Scandals involving blackface, the KKK and sexual assault have engulfed the Democratic Governor, Lieutenant Governor and Attorney General. On NBC’s Today, reporter Geoff Bennett fretted, “If the governor, lieutenant governor and Attorney General all resign, or are forced out of office, the leadership of this state, the governorship, would go to the House Speaker. The House Speaker is a conservative Republican.” Being a conservative is apparently a huge red flag because Bennett repeatedly informed viewers of this fact. On MSNBC Live at 10:19 AM, he explained, “If the three of them were to resign, the governorship, the leadership of this state, would then be turned over, according to the line of succession, to the House Speaker who happens to be a conservative Republican.”

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