NYT Columnist Admits Media Is Purposely Ignoring Anti-Semitism of Omar/Tlaib


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In a rare moment of truth-telling on CNN Sunday, New York Times Opinion staff writer and editor Bari Weiss openly admitted to the Reliable Sources panel that the media was purposely ignoring the blatant anti-Semitism espoused by Democratic Congresswomen Ilhan Omar (MN) and Rashida Tlaib (MI) because of President Trump.

Weiss argued that “one of the problems of this moment” was how “everything [Trump] touches becomes toxic”. So, “it's very hard to cover, sort of, complicated characters and stories like them because [of] the President…”

Her example for how the media abdicated their duty to report on topics they deemed “toxic” focused on the lack of coverage regarding the Congresswomen’s agenda on their trip to Israel.

She noted that Trump putting pressure on Israel to bar Omar and Tlaib was a “huge story” but it paled in comparison to the “scandal” that should have been the real story.


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