NYC-Based CBS Raged at Shutting Schools, Now Decry Opened Florida


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On November 19, New York City-based CBS News joined the ranks of parents made irate by Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio abruptly shutting down the public school system with no notice. It’s understandable, likely many CBS employees were harmed by the chaos it caused to their daily lives. But after de Blasio reversed course over the weekend, CBS spent part of Monday’s Evening News railing against Florida’s Republican Governor Ron DeSantis for not shutting down all public schools in the state.

It was CBS correspondent Jonathan Vigliotti who shared the network’s displeasure with DeSantis:

VIGLIOTTI: In Florida, schools will remain open despite concerns from teachers. The state's governor not mincing words.

DESANTIS: People who advocate closing schools for virus mitigation are effectively today’s flat-earthers.

Now contrast that with how anchor Norah O’Donnell sided with upset New York City parents protesting the decision. “Today, thousands of parents of New York City schoolchildren sent a petition to the city's mayor and the state's governor demanding that the nation's largest school system reopen immediately for in-person learning,” she said.


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