Not Again: PBS’s Woodruff, Guest Tout ‘Interconnection’ Between Climate Deal, Hurricane Matthew


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<p>On the heels of my Drudge Report-linked post about NBC&rsquo;s Ron Allen informing MSNBC on Wednesday that the Paris climate change deal <strong>&ldquo;is designed to stop&rdquo;</strong> weather events like Hurricane Matthew, Thursday&rsquo;s<em> PBS NewsHour </em>joined ranks of the absurdity as Judy Woodruff and guest Gavin Schmidt from NASA pondered the <strong>&ldquo;interconnection&rdquo;</strong>&nbsp;between climate change, the deal&rsquo;s implications, and the storm.</p>

<p>Woodruff built up to this reckless link with an extended news brief on President Barack Obama telling reporters that the required number of countries had ratified the agreement and welcoming on Schmidt from the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies to discuss the deal&rsquo;s goals and how exactly it&rsquo;ll be enforced (hint, hint: it&rsquo;s not legally binding).</p>

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