Nets Skip Sex Offenders at the Border, But Polls Show Narrative Sundered


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When it came to immigration, President Biden’s left flank was completely covered by the broadcast networks who had brushed the worst-than-ever border crisis under the rug. But as new Fox News polling showed on Wednesday, Biden’s weak handling of the crisis was making an edge rush right and breaking through the narrative. All of this came as ABC, CBS, and NBC skipped new reporting on how Border Patrol had captured 10 convicted sex offenders attempting to cross the border.

Instead of reporting on the border security crisis, all three of the network evening newscasts were fretting about people flying, traveling, and gathering over the Memorial Day weekend with the pandemic.

But for Fox News, journalist Adam Shaw reported that “Border Patrol agents in the Del Rio Sector in Texas arrested 10 convicted sex offenders in a single week as they tried to get into the U.S. illegally -- the latest batch of criminals nabbed by agents at the border.”


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