Nets Skip SCOTUS Blocking Attempts to Snatch Trump’s Tax Returns


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In back-to-back days (Monday and Tuesday), the Supreme Court handed President Trump victories when it came to protecting his coveted tax returns. But apparently, good news for Trump meant no news at all because the broadcast networks largely ignored the victories during their flagship morning and evening newscasts. Only the Tuesday edition of ABC’s Good Morning America noted the President’s win from the day before.

On GMA, chief anchor and Clinton lackey George Stephanopoulos mentioned that there was a “big decision yesterday from the Supreme Court on President Trump's taxes. They've stayed the subpoena from the House, who wants President Trump’s taxes.

ABC’s chief White House correspondent and White House Correspondents Association president, Jon Karl was quick to declare it a “temporary victory” as he explained what happened:

JON KARL: Yeah, now, this is a temporary victory for the administration because they were ordered to turn over those taxes now, but it is a temporary one. The Supreme Court has made it clear if they take up this case and the other related case, they would hear it quickly. But quickly by the Supreme Court's standing is not quick compared to Congress. The results of this would not likely -- you'd, of course, have a case argued next year, not ruled on until June but that's right in the middle of the presidential campaign.

Their conversation on the topic lasted 43 seconds.


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