Nets Skip Bipartisan Calls to Probe Why Gov. Cuomo Put COVID in Nursing Homes


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NBC Nightly News may have been the lone network to dare report on how Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo had forced nursing homes to take in COVID patients (and then deny them access to the state’s supply of personal protective equipment) last week, but come Wednesday, they were just as silence as ABC’s World News Tonight and CBS Evening News when it came to reporting on calls to appoint outside counsel and investigate.

Instead, CBS and NBC focused on the efforts of Congressional Democrats to investigate President Trump for firing inspectors general.

But while those three were silent, Fox News Channel’s Special Report was on the case. “Tonight legislators are calling for independent investigations into nursing home policies in New York and New Jersey. Critics say actions by the Democratic governors in both states may have cost many people their lives,” anchor Bret Baier announced at the top of the segment.

Fox News correspondent Bryan Llenas began his report by noting that New York and New Jersey accounted for over a third of all nursing home deaths in the country.


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