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Nets Ignore Possibility Texas Shooter Got His Rifle on the Black Market


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In a report out Wednesday night, The Wall Street Journal reported that the gunman who went on a rampage through Odessa and Midland, Texas illegally bought his rifle from a guy who may have been illegally making and selling firearms. Instead of reporting on this critical bit of news, ABC and NBC were too busy celebrating the supermarkets and pharmacies now banning customers who legally open carry their weapons. CBS, on the other hand, ignored the topic altogether.

“It is unclear whether the man knew [the shooter] was a prohibited person when selling him the rifle. If the gun dealer did in fact know that [the shooter] was barred from buying guns, he could be charged with a federal crime,” The Journal reported. “But authorities are also looking into whether the man was illegally selling guns.

Adding: “While private gun sales are legal under federal law, it is a crime to be in the business of manufacturing or selling guns without a license. Law-enforcement officials suspect the man was buying various gun parts to build his own guns and then reselling them.”

Prior to The Journal’s story, these same networks were cheering on Walmart for their “ammunition crackdown”, moves against guns, and calls for tougher background checks, which wouldn’t have stopped the shooter if the weapon was bought from an illegal seller.


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