Nets Ignore Biden’s New Kiddie Kennels for Migrant Children at the Border


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While the broadcast networks spent the early days of the Biden administration praising him for ‘unraveling’ the legacy of former President Trump with executive orders, particularly on immigration, they were suddenly silent Tuesday after news broke he was putting migrant children back in cages. A blatant double standard in how the liberal media apply outrage.

Despite The Washington Post breaking the story overnight Monday, none of the morning or evening newscasts of ABC, CBS, and NBC shared a word about Biden’s kiddie kennels with their viewers. But it was just last Thursday that all three networks boasted about Biden’s push for an immigration overhaul and a “pathway to citizenship.”

Luckily, Fox News Channel’s Special Report wasn’t going to hide the facts from their viewers. Anchor Bret Baier took things a step further and called out The Post for their pro-Biden spin with defining the cages.


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