Nets Cover-Up Tyrannical Dems Breaking Their COVID Restrictions


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Across the country, Democratic leaders were locking down their citizens and destroying their livelihoods with the coronavirus as the pretext. If that wasn’t enough, they were flashing their tyrannical nature by subjecting their people to that treatment while they gallivanted around to expensive restaurants, traveled for Thanksgiving, and one even flew to Mexico for a wedding. At the same time, their gremlins in the liberal media covered up their disgusting hypocrisy.

Two weeks ago, when those leaders and the media were telling people not to celebrate Thanksgiving, California Governor Gavin Newsom was caught red-handed as he and members of the state’s health groups wined and dined inside at an expensive restaurant without masks. Before the pictures came out, those in attendance lied and claimed they were outside and socially distant.

For days, the broadcast networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) refused to cover Newsom’s let-them-eat-cake-at-home moment. Eventually, CBS This Morning got around to talking about it but the networks still wouldn’t talk about the dozen cases of Democratic politicians breaking their own edicts. And the people had had enough of it.

As reported by correspondent William La Jeunesse during Fox News Channel’s Special Report on Thursday, “Around the U.S., a backlash, not just against what many see as arbitrary rules, but a double standard.”


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