Nets Cover-Up Dem Newsom’s Elitist Dinner Party Breaking COVID Rules


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While the liberal media painstakingly monitor and denote every moment President Trump, members of his administration, and supporters at rallies fail to wear a face mask or attended a public gathering, they were noticeably non-hawkish when their Democratic buddies were caught red-handed breaking their own edicts. Such was the case of ABC, CBS, and NBC covering up Governor Gavin Newsom’s (D-CA) non-COVID-compliant dinner party earlier this month.

And not only was the Governor in attendance at the party, but some of California’s top health care lobbyists and operatives were too. But instead of covering this let-them-eat-cake moment, ABC was busy suggesting that Republicans were going to Hell and NBC was telling viewers to blame Trump supporters for COVID deaths.

Of course, leave it to Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson to rip into the hypocrisy with his unique brand of panache. Carlson kicked off Wednesday’s opening monologue by suggesting the images of Newsom at the swanky party spoke with the same moment defining energy as “Dorothea Lange’s photographs of migrant farmworkers from the 1930s…”

Carlson laid out the evidence of Newsom’s hypocrisy by talking about the harmful restrictions the Governor was subjecting his constituents too.


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