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Nets Cheer Walmart’s 'Ammunition Crackdown', Moves Against Guns


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In a memo released Tuesday, Walmart CEO Doug McMillon announced that the story chain would be taking up the liberal banner to crackdown on gun rights via restricting ammunition sales, restricting gun sales, and disallowing customers to openly carry. The move was celebrated by the liberal media as a win for their anti-gun agenda.

“Well, Walmart today, announced major changes in its sale of ammunition and its policy regarding customers who openly carry guns. Mireya Villarreal has more on this and breaking news about the gun policy of the nation's largest grocery store chain,” boasted failing CBS Evening News anchor Norah O’Donnell.

CBS correspondent Mireya Villarreal cheerfully told Norah that “late this afternoon, we did learn that Kroger is joining Walmart and asking its customers not to openly carry firearms in any of its stores, except for law enforcement.”

After dubiously suggesting the announcement came “following a month of mass shootings” (seemingly suggesting there was a mass shooting every day last month, there wasn’t) on World News Tonight, ABC correspondent Matt Gutman bragged that McMillon said he wanted to "’make the country safer,’ by ending sales of all handgun ammunition and ammunition used in assault-style rifles.”

Gutman didn’t seem thrilled to share the National Rifle Association’s statement on the matter. He simply boiled it down to only one word. “The NRA tonight, calling the move ‘shameful,’ but others applauding it,” he reported. He then played a clip of Kris Brown, the president of the anti-gun Brady Campaign, cheering on Walmart.


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