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Nets Champion Far-Left Push for Federal Reparation Payments


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House Democrats held a raucous hearing on Wednesday, where they hosted a radical leftist writer and other supposed luminaries to make the case for the federal government to pay African-Americans reparations as an apology for slavery. Despite the ridiculousness of having the people of today pay the price of something they had no hand in some 150 years ago, the liberal broadcast networks seemed all for it during their evening newscasts.

In a packed hearing room, an emotional debate. Should the federal government pay billions of dollars in reparations to African-Americans who are descended from slaves as a way to make amends for the atrocity of American slavery,” ABC’s senior national correspondent, Terry Moran emoted during World News Tonight.

He and CBS politics correspondent Ed O’Keefe hyped the testimony from New Jersey Senator and 2020 Democratic candidate Cory Booker.


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