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NBC: Forget Obama's Unpopularity, He's 'Bringing In Millions' for Democrats!


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<p>Glossing over the vulnerability of Democratic candidates in the upcoming midterm election, a story on Friday&#39;s NBC <em>Today</em> downplayed President Obama&#39;s unpopularity and instead touted him jetting to a star-studded California fundraiser to raise money for his ailing political party. White House correspondent Chris Jansing proclaimed: &quot;While his job approval ratings have mostly kept him away from candidates, he can still raise a lot of money for the November election.&quot;</p>

<p>Jansing detailed Obama&#39;s latest quest for campaign cash: &quot;President Obama headed to his 53rd fundraiser of the year, at Gwyneth Paltrow&#39;s house....Inside, Paltrow gushed over the President while introducing him, saying, &#39;I am one of your biggest fans, if not the biggest.&#39; And, &#39;You&#39;re so handsome that I can&#39;t speak properly.&#39;&quot;</p>

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